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Meet Cornerstone Entertainment's Next Generation of Rising Stars: Gen C!

November 08, 2021

It has been the culture of Cornerstone Entertainment to evolve with the changing times. Through the years, the company has expanded from being a talent agency to becoming a full-fledged entertainment company which has its own TV/ Movie outfit, Music label, Recording studios, Concert and Events team, among many others. But if there is one thing that “CS”  (short for Cornerstone) has  never stopped doing, it’s their continuous search for the next breed of artists. The agency is now taking this pursuit to the next level by putting a name to its new batch of multimedia stars - GEN C!

“This is actually a long time in the making. We’re already building them up for the longest time and we feel that after so much training and preparation, this is the ideal time for them to be introduced as part of the growing CS family. Most specially at this time when there’s more demand for content. So we are putting the well-deserved spotlight to these new exciting actors, personalities and content creators,” said Jeff Vadillo, Vice President of CS Entertainment.

It’s also worth sharing that Cornerstone did not leave a stone unturned when it comes to training it’s next superstars. With the help of CS Artist Lab (Training Department of CS), they commissioned the help of the country’s top directors namely Bb. Joyce Bernal, Dan Villegas, Antonette Jadaone, Rod Marmol and Irene Villamor to prepare the artists for the exciting work ahead.

Leading the list is this Generation’s Pop Princess and Idol Philippines Grand Champion Zephanie;

The multi-awarded indie and soap actor, Noel Comia Jr.

Miss Earth Water 2020 and commercial model, Roxie Baeyens

Breakthrough actors, Ian Pangilinan and Paolo Pangilinan

TikTok superstars, Yukii Takahashi and Queenay

Oppa cutie Onie De Guzman and Social Media Heartthrob Eli Padilla.

Feisty and sexy vixens, Angela Balagtas, Pamela Kaye, and Glenn Krishnan

Multi-talented actors Patrick Quiroz and Aaron Gonzalez

Drag queen and LGBTQIA+ advocate, Brigiding

And upcoming leading men Marc David and Abed Green.

What makes this line up of artists strong is its diversity. All the talents came from different walks of life, with different strengths and offerings but one goal which is to make their mark in this ever evolving entertainment industry. 

And GEN C is just a taste of many great things to come from CS. “We’re always on the look-out for new talents so definitely as far as CS Entertainment is concerned, the launching of new talents will never end. We still have a lot in store in the coming days,” Vadillo shared.

Words by Rex Abedes