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Inigo Pascual guests in Arirang’s Simply K-Pop Con-Tour

May 05, 2021

MANILA, PHILIPPINES ⸺ Inigo Pascual made special appearance on South Korea’s Arirang TV channel in an online K-Pop show, “Simply K-Pop Con-Tour”, May 3, 2021, viewed by fans around the globe.

In a virtual interview with Jacob Bae and Kevin Moon of The Boyz, Inigo expressed his keen interest in K-Pop and how it is an active influence in his own artistry.

“I’m a big fan of so many different (K-pop) artists. I could say a lot of my work is heavily influenced with K-pop artists, my style, my music. And I'm a big fan of the production,” he said, in retrospect of his music video shoot in South Korea in 2019 under a Korean production team.

A K-Pop fanboy himself, Inigo extended his gratitude and excitement for the show’s choosing the Philippines as one of their tour stops.

“Well, of course, it made me proud that they chose the Philippines for one of their stops — knowing that they have so many K-pop fans in the Philippines. I, myself, am a K-pop fan. So, I’m very happy and very proud that the Philippines was chosen,” he said.

Inigo also sang a snippet of one of his favorite K-Pop songs, “If You” by Big Bang, and delighted the hosts Jacob and Kevin for his “honey” voice and smooth Korean pronunciation.

Asked which K-Pop artists he would like to collaborate with if given a chance, Inigo shared that his list goes on, mentioning  BTS, Dean, G Dragon, Jackson Wang, and Jessi to name a few.

Apart from Inigo, multi-awarded indie-folk band group Ben&Ben also appeared on the show, performing the chorus part of The Boyz’s 2020 single “Reveal”.

Inigo’s latest single “Danger” in collaboration with Common Kings and DJ Flict is coming May 14 of this year. Watch out for his latest album out on June 25, 2021.

Watch the full show below:

Words by Gab Torres