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Catriona Gray Interviews VXON on Kumu livestream

March 18, 2022

The main host of Top Class: The Rise to P-Pop Stardom, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, got to sit down and chat with the Monster Rookies of P-Pop, VXON, on kumu. The livestream was conducted on the official Top Class kumu channel on March 18, 2022 1pm at Cornerstone Entertainment's office. 

Catriona took this opportunity to share her thoughts and excitement in hosting the biggest and newest P-Pop talent search in the Philippines. Meanwhile the members of VXON (C13, Franz, Vince, Patrick, and Sam) got the chance to talk about their experiences as individuals and as a group so far in the budding P-Pop scene, also sharing encouraging words to aspirants wanting to audition for the show. Being the main vocalist, Franz gave a sample of his vocal prowess by singing a verse from the boys' debut single "The Beast". And as the main dancer, Patrick performed a bit from "The Beast's" choreo to the surprise and delight of everyone. 

Vixies (the name of VXON's official fandom) showed their support for the boys on Twitter, making "VXON TOP CLASS" trend with thousands of tweets during the duration of the livestream. 

The auditions for Top Class will begin on March 20, 2022. It will be open to male aspirants ages 16-26. An applicant must create a Kumu klip with a maximum duration of 57 seconds where one must introduce one's self and display one's talent in singing, rapping, or dancing. Then the applicant must upload the kumu klips on their kumu accounts with the hashtag #kumuTOPCLASS. Finally, the applicant must fill out and submit the Top Class application form to make the entry valid. 

Top Class is a collaborative effort between Filipino entertainment powerhouses Kumu, Cignal Entertainment, TV5, and Cornerstone Entertainment. 

Follow the Top Class social accounts for updates regarding the auditions and the show itself. 

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Words by Mikoy Fernandez