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Zephanie greets the Holidays with a new collab with Singaporean singer-songwriter, producer Zadon

December 07, 2021

“A Merry Merry Cheer” is Idol Philippines Champion Pop Princess Zephanie’s latest Christmas collaboration with Singaporean music artist and producer, Zadon – in continuation of Cornerstone Entertainment’s #CSGoesGlobal campaign this 2021.

The two Asian artists have come together to celebrate the Holiday season and welcome the new year with a new single titled “A Merry Merry Cheer” coming December 10, 2021. The duet is another addition to AOR Global, ABS-CBN Star Music, and CS Entertainment’s regional collaboration of coming together to promote cross-cultural media creations since 2012. Award-winning and nominated track “Imagine” by Kyle Echarri and Haven, which was written and produced by Rox Santos of ABS-CBN Starpop, also came from this joint initiative.

In line with this, Cornerstone Entertainment has also launched its own #CSGoesGlobal campaign in the third quarter of the year, which aims to celebrate Filipino artistry and the world-class Filipino talent through international endeavors and collaborations of Cornerstone and their artists.

“A Merry Merry Cheer” is a vibrant and celebratory original Holiday track, with composition and lyrics by Zadon, who is one of AOR Global’s key music producers. It is co-arranged and co-produced with award-winning producer-songwriter and ABS-CBN’s Creative Director, Jonathan Manalo.

“When I first heard the song, it easily got into my system. Just listening to it already made me feel the Christmas spirit. I’m really grateful for this collaboration. The opportunity to sing a beautiful song composed by a really great artist, Zadon, is in itself a Christmas gift,” expressed Zephanie in an interview.

“Christmas time is a perfect time to share a message of hope & love to everyone, this fresh collaboration again between Singapore’s AOR Global and Philippines’ ABS-CBN Music is just so perfect for the season, it strengthens the bond both countries already have in fostering regional camaraderie and mutual support of creative endeavors from both sides,” said Jonathan Manalo.

The song will be accompanied with a music video directed, edited, and co-shot in the Philippines by award-winning and renowned director, Edrex Sanchez Clyde of ESC Films, and co-shot by Hen Hao Pte Ltd in Singapore. The video is set to be released on 8th December 2021, 2 days ahead of the song’s digital release, which will be distributed by ABS-CBN Star Music.

“I think it’s a really meaningful thing to do during Christmas. Zephanie and Jonathon are so talented and it is an honour for me to be able to work with them. I would like to thank AOR Global for putting this together and I hope this song brings joy to everyone this Christmas,” said Zadon.

Stream “A Merry Merry Cheer” on your favorite streaming platforms, coming this December 10, 2021.