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What Makes Sam Milby x "Gabriel Villarosa" sexy?

March 19, 2021

Never before seen steamy photos of one of the country’s most admired actors in his generation SAM MILBY were released to cap off the success of the smash hit and most-watched TV series with a bang. Sam never once lost his daring amour and sultry charisma. And he now leaves us gasping yet again with another exclusive photo release that is truly extra!

The secret to his chiseled-for-the-gods figure? Consistency and stern discipline. Despite the demanding schedules of his showbiz life, Sam never slacks in working out and eating right to maintain those washboard six-pack.

His physique however is not his only flex. From the trending success of “Halik” (2018) where he played the dashing but glib philanderer Ace Corpuz ; to his latest role, the selfless Gabriel Villarosa in another winning series “Ang Sa Iyo ay Akin” (2020), Sam proves a heft of talent and versatility to go along with his angel face.

With ASIAA airing its last episode this week, the stud identifies with his character Gabriel, in that they both put their family above all. Sam’s long investment in his character allowed him to carry into his real life the disarming charm and personality of his role. The over-all strength of character, that made Sam and “Gabriel” indeed sexy.

With his undying determination and macho commitment to his craft, not to mention his drop-dead gorgeous body, Sam Milby never ages but grows to be a bigger sensation in his industry. Hot to trot on any role thrown his way, Sam stays excellently in the game.

Words by Gab Torres