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Spoken In Love, Transfiguration

November 23, 2021

Catriona’s heart for music blossoms in a new music video for her debut songwriting single.

Catriona Gray reaches for her musical side and unveils an ethereal world of love and the languages it speaks in her newest visualizer for her lush lofi-RnB self-composed single, “Love Language”.

Released in October this year, “Love Language” is Catriona’s songwriting and composition debut, laid over the genius melodies and beats of Australian collaborator Cabu. From her earlier singles, “We’re in This Together” (2018), “R.Y.F” (2020), and a duet with Filipino RnB gem JayR for “Angel of Mine” (2021), “Love Language” is a musical offering from the hailed Ms. Universe 2018 as she marks her embarkment and artist metamorphosis from being a global beauty queen to an international music artist under the mononym Catriona. It was also this year when Catriona inked her contract with Warner Music.

Transcending Translations

“Love Language” is a musical oeuvre that Catriona wrote in 2020 during her time in quarantine in Australia when she flew to visit her parents. Come 2021, together with Warner Music’s GLOPM (Global Pinoy Music) venture, Catriona gives breath and shape to her words with sound, and now garbs it with moving photographs that transcend translations of love.

“Honestly, ‘Love Language’ grew from two lines I had written months before that were sitting in my phone notes. When I heard the warm jazzy chords of the track, I felt like the mood hit right with these lines and the rest of the lyrics grew from that,” she said.

Catriona allowed her creative spirit to roam, bloom, and flourish in the making of the music video, backed by people from Warner Music who believe in her artistic vision.

“I wanted a very visual MV, that didn't necessarily have a storyline (as I wanted the audience to allow the song to be what they wanted it to be). My concept was a play on light: reflection contrast, shadows, spotlights, refraction, etc. And Two Fold came in and allowed my concept to grow and become what the music video is. The entire team was so easy to work with. It felt like we were just creating and I loved the freedom of that,” Catriona expressed.

“I think it was just overcoming my own self doubt because I never have written a song before. So this is my first. Allowing other people to listen to it was so nerve-wracking. But this song really allowed me to conquer my first-time fears.” 

The music video, which premiered midnight on November 19, elaborates on the five different love languages, namely physical touch, gifts, quality time, acts of service, and words of affirmation—where, upon the latter, the narrative of the song revolves. As Catriona wrote on her YouTube description of the music video, “‘Love Language’ explores the depths of a lover's yearning revolving around the need to receive love in the form of words of affection. The song's theme doesn't implicate a lack of love, rather the misunderstanding of it, nodding to a yearning that no one is a stranger to.”

These five unique love languages are realized and visualized on-screen through five distinct motifs that lay across the video. Through some kind of visual poetry, Catriona’s message is transfigured:

“Love Language” is “to anyone in a relationship that has ever felt misunderstood in their love language or in how they recieve love,” Catriona said.

“I think we so often project our own fears, doubts and insecurities on the people around us when it's really us that needs to do the inner work.” 

In a correspondence with Catriona, we could not help but ask, “What is your love language?” To which she graciously replied: “All (five), except gifts.”

“Love Language” music video is directed by Trina & Raymond Dacones, executively produced by Mara Bernaldo, and production managed by Lougie Dela Cruz. Creative direction is headed by Erika Yuseco in collaboration with the same directors, with cinematography by Ian Guevara and production design by Justine Arcega-Bumanlag and SaSo Production. Completing the team are production assistants Katrine Dela Cruz and Belle Galinea.

Listen to “Love Language” on demand. Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music, and SoundCloud.

Words by Gab Torres