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My Amanda anchors onto worldwide Top 10 on Netflix in unbroken streak

July 23, 2021

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PHILIPPINES ⸺ Alessandra de Rossi’s directorial debut film “My Amanda” sweeps to a national phenomenon as the first Filipino film of 2021 to pin itself at the #1 spot on Netflix Philippines in a 7-day continuous streak (as of writing).

Less than 24 hours after its world digital premiere on Netflix on July 15, “My Amanda” soars to the #1 trending spot on Netflix Singapore. Just days after, its viewership spiked in UAE and Qatar, catapulting it to the same top spot.

In the Philippines, “My Amanda” has been continuously lauded by both fans and artists in the industry alike, as it reigns for a staggering week-long apex spot in Netflix Philippines’ movies and titles.

In a digest from FlixPatrol, “My Amanda” buzzes in global Netflix Top 10 weekly (July 16-22), with strong and steady viewership in territories such as Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, and UAE aside from its home country.

*Scores are computed as Total Points divided by the Number of Days, with 10 points per day being the highest. Based on FlixPatrol's statistics, "My Amanda" has accumulated a total of 80 points in the Philippines in eight days, scoring a perfect 10 points per day that is equivalent to hitting Netflix PH's Top #1 spot.

In 2020, another film starring Alessandra de Rossi, “Through Night and Day” (with Paolo Contis), holds the longest record for a Filipino film on the #1 spot on Netflix Philippines with a swooning 8-straight-day streak! Being the only Filipino actress who remains unbeaten in this regard with two of her films championing Netflix Philippines’ viewership to an unflinching trending success, Alessandra de Rossi easily becomes the most valuable and bankable Filipino actress on Netflix Philippines.

Written as well by Alessandra de Rossi, “My Amanda” also stars Philippine entertainment industry veteran and heartthrob, Piolo Pascual. It is produced under Pascual’s production house, Spring Films, with renowned Filipino director, Joyce Bernal, as creative producer.

Words by Gab Torres