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Love on Lockdown: Marlo Mortel's unreciprocated love

April 30, 2020

Multi-talented Cornerstone artist Marlo Mortel continues to impress both his fans and music lovers as he continues to be musically productive amidst the lockdown brought about by Covid-19.

The singer-songwriter has just released “Unreciprocated”, his 5th song in his “Love on Lockdown” series. The video of the song is now available in his IGTV and official Youtube channel and now being enjoyed by thousands of his fans.

This subject of unrequited/unreciprocated love is something most of us can relate to. At some point in our lives, we fall for someone but the feeling was never returned. “Unreciprocated” mirrors and reflects our own sentiments and emotions, making Marlo an emphatic songwriter.

In last week's edition of “Lunch With The Stars”, Marlo mentioned that this lockdown helped him discover so many things as far as music is concerned. Not just was he able to write so many original songs, but he also discovered his video editing skills. The video of “Unreciprocated” was shot and edited by Marlo himself. We really can’t wait for Marlo’s next.