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Lights on for CS Music’s newest Claudine Co

December 10, 2021

The emerging music artist releases first ever original single, “Patay Sindi”.

CS Music’s tenderfoot songstress Claudine Co breaks into the mainstream with an original debut single, “Patay Sindi”, released December 10, 2021 under CS Music and its annex label, Just Music.

After interpreting her own rendition of the song “I Love You Goodbye” from the film “Will You Marry Me?”, Claudine finds her own light with “Patay Sindi”, a “song of pain” and a “song of hope”.

“Just 110% Pure Claudine”

“Music has been a big part of my life ever since. Everyone in the family is into music, and I remember how my siblings and I would enroll in singing classes, piano lessons, and even drum lessons during summer,” Claudine expressed in a correspondence.

In her teens, Claudine used to write her own music but never saw it through to completion. She did not have the confidence back then, she explained.

“I’ve tried writing my own songs when I was in my teen years, but I never got to finish (them) because I did not have the confidence then. Before, I was really scared of what other people (might) say, “ she said.

“I felt like I wasn’t ready to hear opinions from other people about my work. Most songs that I’ve tried writing are love songs—mostly about my own experiences and some are about other people’s experiences. It was fun,” Claudine continued, “I feel like writing your own song lets you express yourself and your thoughts more freely.”

It is this freedom of expression that is most valuable to Claudine. Even with her genre being love songs–a genre that could easily be commonplace–Claudine allows herself to open up through her music, unafraid to be “vulnerable”.

“As artists, we really cannot avoid being labeled as ‘one of the’. The most important thing here is that you stay true to yourself,” Claudine expounded. To her, the very essence of singing is to tell a story through music, nodding to some of her music inspirations such as Sam Smith, Adele, and Ariana Grande.

As a budding artist, Claudine reminds herself to be grounded in her identity as an artist, steadfast and true to her brand of music, even as she projects herself onto the future.

“...keeping my artistic character intact. I don’t want to change drastically, such that the music is totally not my character anymore–just as how I started with my YouTube career, just 110% pure Claudine.

She also shared about her experience working with CS Music and Just Music to be “smooth sailing” and “fun but professional”.

“Different ideas from different people were taken into consideration to make the best music. No opinion gets neglected,” Claudine expressed.

“I also love working with people who share the same passion for the arts, people who see the purpose of every task we need to finish. I’m glad the people from CS Music were the ones I have worked with because they drive me to move forward and motivate me to do my best,” she continued.

Now with a brand new single on air globally, Claudine’s teenage self-doubts have metamorphosed into excitement. It was a cocoon she needed to be in to grow her own wings and reap her own artistic colors.

“I’m really excited about people being able to hear my own music. For most years, all they have heard from me are just song covers. Now that I have my own song, I’m really excited to know what they think and feel about it. Them being witness to my own growth from doing song covers to doing an original song is really amazing for me. I’m happy to share this with them because they are a huge part of this journey.”

“‘Patay Sindi’ is a song about freedom,” Claudine expressed, “It’s about being free from the pains of falling in love, pain from things that are ending.

“Before finishing this song, Sir Jonathan Manalo and I talked a lot. He made sure that I am comfortable with the music we’re making and that it represents me as an artist. I love how he lets me comment on it and values my opinion about the track."

With “Patay Sindi”, Claudine seizes her own light: “The goal of my song is not just for listeners to experience music but also for them to react to it. If you are also experiencing the same pain, then this song is for you. This is to remind you that there is hope in pain.” 

Words by Gab Torres