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Julia Montes, Zephanie duo for freshest Palmolive campaign

November 16, 2021

Julia Montes and Zephanie team up for #BounceBackWithPalmolive campaign—November 2021.

Palmolive Philippines launches their newest advertisement with Julia Montes for November 2021, featuring a jingle titled “BNCY” (Bouncy) sung by young OPM icon Zephanie. This is Palmolive Girls Julia’s and Zephanie’s first time working together in a single commercial for the brand.

“It was an honor working with Ate Julia Montes for Palmolive’s newest campaign!” Zephanie expressed in a correspondence interview with Cornerstone. “Knowing po na she’s really one of the icons in the industry, sobrang nakakabilib lang po na nakasama ko siya sa isang project.”

The commercial features the brand’s Coconut Cream Intensive Moisture hair care system and presents it through the official campaign hashtag #BounceBackWithPalmolive. The ad is set in a relevant “community pantry” donation effort by communities in response to the pandemic.

Given the campaign’s tagline, Zephanie shared some of the things she is looking forward to bounce back from:

“I’m really looking forward to performing in front of a live audience! Traveling for work and for vacations. Also, another concert, maybe?”

Being part of Cornerstone’s next generation of talents launched by the agency as GEN C, Zephanie finds working with co-Cornerstone artist Julia “light”, and describes her experience as working with a "family".

“If there’s one word to describe Cornerstone, that’s 'Family'. The ambience is really different when I’m working with them. Parang magaan po talaga and really fun! And of course, as a family, blessing po na nagkakasama kami sa mga projects,” said Zephanie.

“She’s really nice and sweet po! So happy to have worked with her and hopefully, more in the future!” she concludes.

Stream Palmolive’s “BNCY” by Zephanie here.

Words by Gab Torres