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Catriona suprises Sam Milby with a birthday video message at CSTV Lunch with the Stars

May 22, 2020

QUEZON CITY | Looks like the birthday celebration of Sam Milby turns out to be even more special after receiving a video message from Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray.

As Cornerstone Entertainment Inc.'s pioneer artist, Sam celebrates his special day LIVE at Cornerstone FB page for CSTV's "Lunch with the Stars". Little did he know that it will be an hour of full-packed guests and surprises prepared specially for him.

Some of his closest friends from showbiz like John Prats, Moira dela Torre and Yam Concepcion are present during the online birthday celebration. Pooh serves as the host who obviously gave an additional entertainment. All the guests shared trivias and secrets about Sam and end with their birthday wishes. They all gathered on screen to sing a Happy Birthday song to the celebrant and even prepared candles for them to blow just to complete the whole birthday party experience.

And because in every celebration, especially now that we are all in digital, video greeting is a must! His co-housemate and a very good friend of him, Say Alonzo followed by his nieces, Lona and Tala sent him birthday greetings making him a bit emotional.

But what's a celebration without a surprise. It can be seen on Sam Milby's reaction how surprised he is with the message from Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray. “Hey Sam! Happy Happy Birthday! I hope that you have an amazing year ahead. I wish you more birthdays, more happiness. You are loved by so so many.” Catriona said.

Just like what the online viewers felt, John Prats and Pooh shared their "kilig" over them. The comment section of the FB live went crazy as Sam took a little time to remove the blush on his face. And when he was asked about his reaction, he ended up smiling and saying. " Ms.  Catriona, Hi! I’m shy. Thank you for your greeting and I am super happy. (nahihiya ako) Basta I’m kilig sa message, I never expected a message. Yes,  you are very special."

A simple and short message yet it made the viewers flutter. Surely, it made our #CatSam hearts skip a beat.

Truly, nothing should stop us from making someone feel important and loved especially during his/her special day, not even the pandemic. Again, to our very own Rockoustic Heartthrob, we wish you a Happy Birthday!

Watch the full video on the link below: